Kent County Council Case Study

In this particular case study, the artist - Niloufar Bakhshalian - describes her approach to painting Kent County Council Headquarters in the podcast below.


Case Study Summary

Client Situation/Challenge

Kent County Council (KCC) is one of the largest councils in the country and provides services for around 1.4 million residents. Large parts of Kent are within the London commuter belt and it has strong transport connections to the capital and the nearby continent.

Its main objective is to enhance the quality of the lives of all of Kent’s residents by looking after the county’s long term future and environment through continuous improvement of its services and ensuring good value for money.

KCC employs over 10,000 staff (excluding schools), with nearly 77% of non-school staff being female and has a net annual expenditure in excess of £900 million.

  • KCC has been using TEDD® annually since participating in initial research in 2012.
  • The council had not carried out a staff survey for 3-4 years previously
    • TEDD® was identified as being an innovative approach which would help to identify engagement levels in a variety of ways, including free-type comments alongside the statistical analysis.

    The internal sponsor wanted something that could be adapted and used effectively at a division, service and team-level. It was also important to examine the line manager relationship in more detail, alongside how people viewed their job, team and the organisation as a whole.

    The line management element was of particular interest due to the crucial role of the line manager in motivating and retaining employees, which is central within the council’s strategy and approach to employee engagement.


    • TEDD® was deployed in different ways across the organisation in ‘Full’, ‘Lite’ and ‘Pulse’ form.
  • The free text survey responses were very rich and revealed a wealth of insights expressed through personal accounts that were clustered into a number of main themes.
  • These were analysed and presented using sentiment weighted, thematic analysis to draw out key insights.
  • Key Driver Analysis revealed where improvements would produce the biggest impact on workforce engagement.
  • Benefits to the client

    • TEDD® provided valuable insights about how staff feel, particularly whilst dealing with the ‘more with less’ tension during an ongoing period of organisational change. It highlighted areas of strength - employees feeling confident, motivated and committed to providing a good service to their customers – and areas where the council could improve organisational engagement and support.
  • New HR and internal communication approaches shaped and supported organisational development practices, aimed at improving the quality of conversations between managers and their teams.
  • “We have used the TEDD© approach now for 5 years. We treat the data as a gold standard that informs and shapes a variety of interventions designed to improve workforce engagement and performance.”

    Diane Trollope, Head of Engagement and Consultation, Kent County Council